When I obtain my learner’s permit, is it legal for me to begin driving right away

Learn how to obtain a learner’s permit in your state.

How To Obtain Learner's Permit In The US

When it comes to driving rules with a learner’s permit, they vary by state; however, many of these rules are adopted by a lot of states. A person who drivers his vehicle with his learner’s permit is required to obey the rules of his state as well as of other states especially in terms of age restrictions.  Majority of those who wish to pass the learner’s permit test spend time taking a driving school course.

A learner’s permit is issued to a driver who is 15 to 16 years old and above as assistance to the learning process so the driver can have a specified period of time to make more driving practice. In general, this permit is issued for a year at a time and this is renewable. If you possess the learner’s permit, you should keep it for a minimum of 10 days before you obtain eligibility to apply for a complete driving privilege. This privilege will be granted when a person reaches the age of 17 even if he doesn’t have a learner’s permit. The person may need the permit to apply for a driving school course. It can also be issued to an adult who wishes to enhance his driving habits or wants to have time to practice his driving skills. In some states, before you drive with your learner’s permit, you will be required to take a driving school lesson with a professional instructor. Such lesson will validate your permit to drive while supervised by other licensed drivers who are at least 25 years old.

Since learner’s permits are restricted before the six months duration, there are states that do not allow drivers to drive with their permit during particular hours at night. In fact, some rules are even more complex as mandated. Some are likely to state that those who are holding these permits are not allowed to carry more than two passengers under 21 years old unless they are immediate family members or the supervising driver is a driving school instructor or a parent.

Learner’s permits must be regarded as a training period. Typically, drivers who are underage must log required hours before they can obtain a driver’s license. This is to make sure that if a person goes to the DMV to take the driving test, he has enough training time on the road while supervised by a driving school instructor or a parent. At least ten hours of this supervised driving must be spent in night driving. It is important for the practice time to be kept in a log of supervised driving which must be presented when the driver is ready to apply for a driver’s license in this state DMV. His parents or legal guardian must sign the log.

Moreover, drivers with a learner’s permit cannot renew this permit; however, they can always get a new permit when their permit expires. They can also replace a permit that was stolen or lost by visiting a DMV branch and present identification documents.

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