What to do in the Car before You Drive

Learn how to drive safely

Car Driving

A safe driver must be aware that before getting into the car to drive, a few safety considerations must be taken into account. First, checking around the vehicle in which many drivers failed to comply. This is sometimes referred to as a circle check. This is done by walking around your car to check that you will not run into objects, other cars and children. All licensed drivers are taught in the driving school on how to recognize their blind spot but many drivers are not aware how big or small the blind spot will be in front and back of the vehicle

Keeping your vehicles in a good condition before driving is also important. Proper care and maintenance inside or outside the car will prevent any future expensive repairs. The care manual you have for your car will provide you steps on how to maintain your car’s safe driving condition. These things are part of the basic lessons included in driving school courses. Seatbelts must be also check to make sure that adjustments can be made in your side and the passenger’s seats. If you sit on the driver’s seat, make sure you are about 10 inches away from the steering wheel and you will be able to reach the pedal. Make sure all your passengers including infants and small children are in the seats with appropriate height and weight each provided with safety belt.

Driving school training will also provide useful skills for new and experienced driver how to operate the controls of a car and how to read gauges and dashboards. You must also know the location of the control buttons that will help you during emergency situations. It is also important to check the parking brakes of your car making sure you will be able to reach it quickly if need. To learn the specific skill in doing so, you can ask a driving school instructor to provide you lessons about parking brakes.

Controlling your high beam lights is one thing you must learn well. This is necessary during night driving where you need to turn it on when the road gets dark or turn off quickly when a vehicle is approaching. The hazard lights should not be used unless some troubles in the engine or the transmission is going out that you need to drive slowly is encountered. You must make a regular check on your lights and make sure they are working properly and you know how to turn them on if necessary. Part of the instruction in the driving school is to teach driver about the unsecured objects which may affect your ability to reach the gas pedal and brake safely. These will include pens, cups, bottles and any object that can roll and get stuck in the pedals. You must secure these things so they will not roll around while the vehicle is moving. Most parents, who wanted that their teenagers will learn every detail on how to become a safe driver, enroll them in a driving school. The ability of the driver’s to be familiar with their car will help prevent possible collisions in the future.

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