What is a Defensive Driving Exam?

Learn the benefits of defensive driving.

Defensive Driving Practices

A defensive driving exam is a test of a person’s understanding of defensive driving practices. Typically, defensive driving is referred to the mastery of skills beyond the fundamentals of driving a motor vehicle, with emphasis on driver efficiency and safety on the road. This skill can be learned from a reliable driving school in your state. It signifies a driving technique that is aimed to take proactive action to prevent possible accidents. It also determines potential risks on the road before they become real problems. A defensive driving exam is usually provided in the context of a driving school defensive driving course.

Defensive driving exams and the courses that comprise them can be beneficial for some reasons.  Student drivers take these exams to mitigate the costs of a traffic violation. There are also students who take these exams to obtain lower insurance rates. Defensive driving exams have some types from a wide array of sources.  A defensive driving test can be given by a public agency to people of a certain area to evaluate risk and offer safety. Test options can also be provided by a third party service to assist consumers with their insurance and other costs. Moreover, there are also companies that will give defensive driving exams to assess drivers and those will be performing their professional skills on the road.

Like other driving tests, a defensive driving test can be a part of a fundamental requirement for student drivers who are starting to learn how to drive in a driving school. A comprehensive driving test for defensive driving is helpful in making sure that new drivers obtain the right education they need to be behind the wheel. It can be a routine for high school students to take these types of exams and involve themselves in other sorts of learning that have to do with the conditions of the road.

Options for defensive driving exams can also be presented on the web to assist students to gauge their own safety knowledge on the road in a fast manner. There are also unusual parties that will administer some kinds of driving tests. The finance company GMAC, for example, administers an annual defensive driving test as a sort of public service. This test is operated by the company in association with the Insurance for Highway Safety.

In general, defensive driving exams contain items that are related to the safety of the best drivers. A defensive driving test may include questions on the specific time that can be safe to pass another car on a particular type of road. Often, other issues included in the test are traffic right of way, sight distances and keeping a safe distance. Students who will take defensive driving exams can also explore topics like aggressive driving, impaired driving and driving with cell phones or other devices. If you are one of these students and you will want to prepare yourself for the defensive driving test, you can enroll yourself in a driving school to learn the necessary knowledge and skills that have to do with defensive driving.

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