What happens if I make a mistake during my practical test?

Learn how to avoid making mistake during practical test

Practical Test

Throughout the driving test, the examiner will be looking for a safe driving performance of the student. If you remember everything what you have learned in your lessons, there will be less worry in failing the test besides most of the driving school instructor will make sure you are well prepared before taking a practical driving test.

If during the test your evaluator told you to turn right in the roundabout taking the fourth exit, try to remember the direction as well as the exit number. If in any case you forget and you have turned on the roundabout before the direction that the examiner gives you, there is nothing to worry about this. The main purpose of the examiner is to check how you perform exiting in a roundabout safely. These were part of the lessons a driving school that you must never forget. In this particular situation during your test the examiner will only change the test route accordingly but if you have realized during driving that you are going in the wrong direction and will suddenly jerk the wheels, you might have committed many errors. These errors reduce your points and will be put in the record therefore it is very important to stay calm if you commit a mistake or if it happens you have failed to follow the instruction of the examiner.

If you have made a mistake which you think is really serious and may fail you in the exam, you must not give up right away. You might have been wrong with your judgment; the examiner is a trained professional in this field so he knows better than you do. Sometimes other students drivers in a driving school are thinking wrong when they commit a minor mistake making them feel nervous and will drive indifferently throughout the test that causes him to make more mistakes.

Your scores in your driving test will depend on how you execute each of the driving skills you know. To pass the test you must have less than 15 driving faults with no serious or dangerous mistakes done. If it happens that your score was 15 faults in all, the decision whether you will pass the test or no will depend on the examiner. You may ask your driving school instructor what’s the best thing to do about it. If you have done 14 or less mistakes you will definitely pass. if you have failed in your practical driving test, your examiner will give you a debrief. If you will accept the offer you will have to listen to the debriefing made by the examiner. They can also provide detailed information to your driving school instructor pointing out every mistake you did. This is for you to understand what really went wrong with your performance and to understand what you must do to correct the driving under pressure. The things discussed during the remedial action will guide your instructor in helping you improved the driving skill that you have failed to perform properly.

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