What are class simulations?

Driving Simulation Exercise

Stimulation Exercise

Class simulations are more advanced techniques of helping the students that require creative skills in various professions. It involves computer modeling for creating the vision of a real world experience. This will also help the students apply the knowledge which was taught in the class. A stimulation exercise will be given to provide them skills in problem solving through hands-on practice in the profession they have chosen. A simulator can be found in the laboratories of a driving school and used in the classroom student driver’s training.

As part of the driving education, students might be required to attend to class stimulations before getting behind the wheels of a real vehicle and drive on the highway. They will be given two options on how they will practice driving. They can do this either in the same classroom where they have learned to study the safety precautions and rules of driving or they can do it on what is called a simulator laboratory commonly known as sim lab. Part of the hands-on practical portion of driver’s education training in a driving school, is doing a class simulation wherein a student will be told to sit in a chair that resembles a driver’s seat of a car with simulated equipment that includes a horn, steering wheel, dashboard with lights, gas pedal, a brake pedal and gear shift. The computer modeling in this part will handle exercises that often involve video depicting on which there will be other vehicle’s movement included.

These class stimulations taught in a driving school will allow a student driver to get an idea of how is he going to control the vehicle while sharing the same road with other drivers. He will be able to watch an actual activity on the screen and I required interacting with every given situation. The video will actually simulate acceleration when the pedal is pressed and when the brake is applied, the video simulates the car to slow down. The sound of the horn to alert other drivers on the road and the steering will be also controlled. Another purpose of providing a class simulation for student drivers in a driving school is to train them on how to avoid accidents and show them why they need to be alert every time they are driving a vehicle. This will also teach them more important driving skills like parking.

Class simulations might also be taught for Emergency medical technicians. During the class, as part of the computer modeling they will be using mannequins to simulate vital signs of life such as respiration and pulse so that students can monitor and check a student’s breathing or take blood pressures. Although class simulations are developed to provide students a hands-on practice that is designed as close as possible with the real life experienced, computer modeling will never be able to take place what the real world can offer. This is the reason why no matter how much time the student’s will spare in taking class simulations, in a particular training like driving education wherein all driving schools will always require an actual road test to let them experience driving in reality. Simulations will only provide an insight so that every student in a particular profession will have an overview on real life experience.

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