Understanding How a Car Works

Learn How Your Car Works

Understanding How Your Car Works

Before you read through, it is safe to assume that you want to know the parts of the car because you don’t have the knowledge about them. Maybe you have attended a driving school – and instructor tells you to have a quick knowledge on how a car works. Well, for you to understand how a car works, it is necessary to know the parts of the car working within and connectively for the car mechanics.

Engine. The engine is the powerhouse of the car; it is the motivator of all actions of the car. There are pistons and valves that are attached to the engine. These pistons facilitate the motivation of energy out from the engine, which in the process is the exact push factor of the car.

Ignition. When you start the car, spark plugs are ignited to produce electric shock or impulse through coils and distributors toward the engine. In layman’s term, the ignition is the small fire that starts the big flame.

Fuel System. Of course, the car will not work without fuel. The fuel system includes the fuel pump, the carburetor, the fuel filters, and the fuel injection. The fuel system provides the energy source to the engine for the pistons to work after the ignition of the spark plugs with the aid of the car battery. In every changing of the gear, in accelerating, in clutching, and in braking, the fuel system facilitates the provision of the needed gas.

Cooling System. Have you ever heard of overheated engines? The driving school will teach you how to keep the engine cool and at the right temperature. The car is geared with a cooling system that may include the radiator, water pump, heater, and the thermostat. Internally, the car needs a specialized cooling system that will provide temperature balance in the engine. Externally, the car maintains a cooling system, in the form of the air conditioner. That is, the cooling system can also be considered the heating system.

Brakes. There are types of brakes that be used for the car. For instance, water brakes can be used by a car. The braking system is an important part of the car because it facilitates the stopping of the car movement. Without the brake, it would be impossible to stop the fast moving train, for that case. The braking system is directly connected to the clutching system of the car.

Wheels. Considered as external part of the car, wheels are very important to the car workability. Wheels include the tire and the wheel cart. It is very important to check the alignment of the wheels in various angles. The driving school can teach you on how to change the tires of the wheels.

Electronics & Accessories. Lastly, you need to understand that the car has its wiring and electrical system that attached each part to another. Through the right setup of the wires, the basic and the peripheral components of the car can work in perfect harmony. For the case, accessories rely on the electrical system drawn to the battery.

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