Understanding Categories of Traffic Signs

Learn The Importance of Traffic Signs For Your Safety

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are very important to safety driving. In fact, the driving school aims to teach the driver on how to categorize and understand traffic signs that can guide them to stay in good shape while off the road. With proper understanding the traffic signs, you will be guided on what to do and how to react while driving.

Traffic signs can be categorized into different categories, with respect to their usage. There are signs that are designed to give you warnings about the harms in the road; there are signs that advise you to slow down or increase speed. All these traffic signs are discussed in the driving school to help new drivers acquire the basic knowledge of the road system.

Regulatory Signs

In appearance, regulatory signs are square in shape with the black letters duly posted. Regulatory signs post the basic regulations of the road that must be followed strictly by the driver. In fact, the driving school takes the regulatory signs with great importance because if the driver fails to acknowledge regulatory signs, the trooper will surely pull him or her out of the road.

Regulatory signs include the stop sign, yield signs, speed limit signs, lane regulations, parking regulations, and movement regulations. Stop signs command full stop at the white lines in the road; yield signs advice the driver to allow others to pass through; lane regulations take a good consideration on the turning and changing of lanes; parking regulation dictates the right way to park in the area. The speed limit is the most commonly violated rule of the regulatory signs that the driving school emphasize the problem.

Warning Signs

Warning signs come in yellow background with the black letters. It is the warning to drivers with the harms of the road. As a caution, it is very important for drivers to take heed to the warnings of the signs. Otherwise, they would certainly be in a great problem of accidents. In the city, curves of the road, and intersections are duly signed to avoid crashing and colliding with other cars.

But with rural areas, it is very important to take heed to warnings about crossing or moving animals. The most common sign discussed in the driving school is the deer sign. You should take extra care in crossing areas full of deer.

Marker Signs

In traveling long distances, it is very important to watch for marker signs. If you are bringing with you a map, you should also look for marker signs. States, counties, cities, routes, highways, and other important areas post marker signs that will keep people in the right direction. In addition to marker signs, there are also guide signs that will help to keep in the right direction to avoid getting lost.

There are signs that are used in the road. The driving school discusses all signs to keep a driver posted. Some other signs would include recreational signs, service signs, and construction signs. These signs will help a person to know the road or the area and avoid accidents.


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