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To facilitate easy classification of the vehicles produced, automobile manufacturers use two categorical and general types of vehicles: Light Trucks and Automobiles. Based on these two categories, classes are drawn as follows:


The most common type of vehicle that is driven by Americans is car. Cars can be categorized according to the door-type, power-used, and such other considerations. In this note, the door-type of the car will be drawn for the categorical classification.

4-Doors. Sedans are sold with tremendous appreciation from customers because of their convenience. This car style has four doors that can be conveniently used by the users. Rear-seat passengers can used the other doors to enter the car. Because of the easy way to enter the car and the convenient way to handle materials you bring, 4-door sedans are greatly sold. Hyundai Accent and Chevrolet as commonly used by a driving school because of their relation to the other car styles.

2-Doors. For those who need a car with a bigger space for cargoes, 2-door coupes are great. These cars do not have a car trunk for your baggage; the trunk offers bigger space to handle your materials. The car is suited for couples and those who want to travel in two only.

Station Wagons. If it is necessary for the family to travel from one place to another, minivans or station wagons can do best. The driving school can teach on how to drive a car that is lengthen and bigger than normal ones.  You must get a good learning from reliable driving school to facilitate proper knowledge on how to drive station wagons.

Sports Car and Convertibles. Sports car and convertibles boast the capability to speed up. Yes, most sports cars are for racing. For a note, do not drive or speed up a sport car if you don’t have the proper knowledge from a driving school.

Light Trucks

Mini-vans. For those who need extra seats for passengers, mini vans are great for handling. A mini-van can take seven passengers in one ride. You can easily get your big family in a mini-van. However, most mini-vans may take lots of fuel to handle the big truck. Nonetheless, you should learn how to drive a minivan from a driving school near your place.

SUVs. Like station wagons, you can rely on SUV for a long distance trip. As sports utility vehicle, you can trust the speed of the SUV in bringing you to your destination. There are techniques on how to handle the SUV properly. Attend a driving school to learn the safety techniques and tips on how to drive the SUV.

SUVs can be categorically divided into three sizes: small, medium, large. There are several manufacturers who produce SUVs with additional safety mechanisms.

Pick-Up Trucks. If you need a vehicle that can carry additional passengers with a bigger baggage space at the rear, pick-up trucks are great. The trunk of the car is drawn in the extended baggage area at the back part; but you can still bring more passengers.

Van. For those who need to travel with 10 to 12 people, vans can do the job. In fact, a driving school prepares the students on how to drive a van, in the anticipation of the need for one to drive a bigger vehicle.


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