Tips on how to steer accurately

Learn the ability to steer the vehicle safely

Tips on How to Steer Accurately

Sometimes the ability of the driver to handle difficult situations on the road depends on the kind of skills he will use. One basic kill that a driver must learn is the ability to steer the vehicle safely. Steering the vehicle is taught in a driving school to all aspiring drivers. In most cases most drivers usually stop practicing  the correct steering method that they learned  after passing the test and after sometime will create their own way like steering one-handle when driving. The steering wheel is the most important item that you must learn how to handle in operating a vehicle. Whatever input you will put in the steering wheel must be done smoothly and progressively. During your training in a driving school you may notice that when the car is travelling straight ahead and you turn the steering wheel to the right or left, the momentum of the car still wants to proceed. This time, the front wheel must fight with the force by creating a stronger one so that the car can change the direction either left or right. It would be a good idea to load up the steering wheel smoothly and gradually to corner the car properly rather than jerking the vehicle around.

When you do your practical test with a driving school instructor, you will be taught how to handle the steering wheel properly. The position of your hand in the handle must also be observed. Some drivers place both hands together in the hand rim in a twelve o’clock position. Then without moving from that position, smoothly swing right or left in response to which direction where the car should go. This will more likely to cause off balance to the driver and will have less capability of handling the wheel when necessary. The same way as one hand steering which is done with one hand on the steering wheel and the elbow is in the center armrest. It would more safe if the way you will handle your steering wheel is based on the lessons taught by the driving school instructor.

Another method of steering that most people practiced is cross- handed technique. This is the way where you will turn the wheel hand over hand in order to steer the vehicle. This is good only when driving in small spaces like parallel parking or turning your car around a small area. Fixed arm steering is also used by many drivers in a pursuit management training where your hands must grip on the wheel at 3 or 9 o’clock position and keep the hands there while turning the wheel to the right or left direction. However with this way the normally after 3-4 direction changes, the steering wheel will suddenly needs more physical effort to keep it going. There may be a lot of ways of handling the steering wheel but the best recommended by a driving school is the combination of the pull push method and fixed grip steering. This is the way when the hand grips the rim in a 10-2 position with the thumbs pointing towards one another getting ready to tighten if necessary.

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