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How to deal with highway hypnosis

Highway hypnosis is the event when a driver is stressed and is experiencing the so called white line fever which is a dangerous condition where drivers are hypnotized as he makes the effort of staying on the lane while staring … Continue reading

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How to retrain my driving abilities?

Most of us go to Driving School to learn the basics of driving but only a few would dare take additional training after finally having a driver’s license. But with so many changes in cars and road safety rules these … Continue reading

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Benefits of Clutch Control

The driving school exposes you to the various techniques in moving the car from the parking area in and out. Movement of the car employs the right clutch control, which is necessary to make the most of everything. A good … Continue reading

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Defensive Driving Training

No one can certain the actions and behaviors of other people on the road. In fact, if you are out for a drive, you would surely see drivers speeding and racing their heart out with their latent disregard of the … Continue reading

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Online Driving Education: Refreshing Your Memory

After a time of staying in the middle of the road, most drivers would think that the already know everything about the road. However, there are still things that should be learned because no one is a good driver. There … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy Driving While Road Tripping

Interstate travels are tiring but they are also exciting. In fact, other drivers would just travel long distances that would cover the entire country with the intent to enjoying the environment with the road trips. Indeed, road trips can really … Continue reading

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Safety Tips for the Back Seat Driver

The back seat driver is any passenger of the car, other than the driver, who wants to control the car. Simply put, he is someone who is not comfortable and does not have confidence on the skill of the driver … Continue reading

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Skills Necessary in Safe Driving

Truth be told, the road is not just intended for a single person. There are other people who share the road with you; and each person in the road has his or her own perception about driving, which dictates the … Continue reading

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Encountering Skid

Winter driving is not really encouraged because of the paramount risks you have to face. As much as you can, you can stay at home or just use the public transport for your better convenience. However, if you really need … Continue reading

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Perfect Driving Could Be Achieved Through Constant Practice

The advanced driving lessons will ensure that you will be a better driver at the end of the course program you have taken. Driving lessons will definitely leave you on the road as an expert driver and good follower of … Continue reading

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