Stick Shift Driving Tips

Learn how to drive on a stick shift car

Stick Shift Driving

you know the right way to drive on a stick shift, it will become easier for you to learn to drive a manual transmission. Apart from the excitement that you may feel when driving a stick shift, this can give you some benefits as well. This form of driving allows you to have more control of your car and it is less costly to drive a manual transmission. When you enroll yourself in a driving school, these advantages will be discussed even further in your lessons.

When you learn to drive on a stick shift, you will notice that there are three pedals. These are from left to right the clutch, the gas pedal and the brake. A driving school lesson will surely let you know that the gear shift is also a huge difference with a vehicle that has a manual transmission. Before you start to learn how to drive a stick shift, you should learn first how to use the parking brake. Your vehicles should always be left in gear when you are not using it or your parking brake should always be engaged so your car will not roll. This is mostly important when you park your vehicle on a hill. Whether you have been a driving school student or not, you should be aware that this is safety issue.

Before you start a vehicle with a manual transmission, you should press down on the clutch first. While doing this, get your vehicle in first gear. You will be able to see a diagram that is found on the upper part of the gear shift. Next, while your foot is still pressing down on a clutch, start applying the foot brake and release the parking brake. You will only release your foot off the brakes when you are ready to move forward. This first maneuvers will definitely be made easier to do when you study a driving school lesson.

When you can feel that the vehicle is starting to move forward, slowly release your foot off the clutch. With this, accelerate by applying a little gas. This is a very significant process when you learn to drive a stick shift. It is necessary to feel when your vehicle needs a little gas. Furthermore, when your car is moving forward, 300 rpm approximately, press the clutch again and get your vehicle in second gear. Keep in mind that you must release the clutch slowly in each gear while you press down on the accelerator. You should always remember the driving school tips that you learned so you can perform this process more comfortably.

It is important to shift the care every 300 rpms. You can expect yourself to be able to sense the right time to shift gears over time. Just make sure that you don’t press the clutch and accelerator at the same time so you won’t end up damaging your clutch. When you wish to downshift your car, you should use the same process. To slow down, you must depress the clutch and shift into a gear that is lower than the current. Also, the second gear should be used when you make turns or stop. A driving school education will remind always that the take off is the main component when you learn to drive a stick shift.

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