Safety tips on drowsy driving

Tips to prevent drowsy driving.

Drowsy Driving

Some people in the real world have a hard time getting enough sleep because of their busy lifestyle. This is a very serious problem that has dangerous effects among drivers. The study shows that 20 percent of all the drivers have fallen asleep at some point while operating a moving vehicle. You can always accept that many motorists at any given time are driving drowsy. For parents it is a good idea to enroll their teenage drivers in a driving school to learn even the basic preparations needed before operating a vehicle.

To prevent yourself from falling asleep while driving it is very important to recognize the signs of driver fatigue or drowsiness. These signs may include sore eyes, yawning, increase irritability and a general feeling of restlessness. If you are in this state you will have difficulty in staying in the lane, hitting a shoulder rumble strip, missing road signs, tailgating and slow reaction on the behaviors of other operators. Sometime in your training in the driving school you are taught how drowsiness would affect your driving kills.

Some experts believed that the amount of time spent in driving is one of the reason driver fatigue and drowsiness. This is why they have recommended drivers to take at least an hour or two short breaks on the road. However there were studies that have showed that most accident which are related to drowsiness usually happen during morning hours or early in the afternoon and late at night when the body’s natural circadian rhythms start to drop. A driving school can be a great help in developing your driving skills in this kind of situation but professionals advised some drivers to limit their driving at these times as much as possible.

Many prescription and over the counter medicines can also cause drowsiness. To prevent this from happening behind the wheel, it is very important to ask your doctor or read instruction provided with the medicine and understand how it would affect your driving ability. You may ask your physician on the possible side effects of your medication and avoid driving until you know how your immune system would react of such particular treatment. It is always a good thing that anyone who wishes to drive must enroll in a driving school to learn more information and driving skills needed to drive safely on the road.

Many individuals believed that consuming certain amounts of coffee and caffeinated beverages is the best way to avoid drowsiness while driving. It is a known fact that a certain amount of caffeine can increase a person’s alertness temporarily. However if you take too much coffee or soda you would normally feel nervous and jittery. If you are a good driver who has learned defensive skills in a driving school, you will know the better way how to prevent falling asleep behind the wheels. The safest and best way to do this is to pull over on the one side and try to make a quick nap. Resting for at least 15-20 minutes will have a great impact on your ability to dive safely.

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