Requirements for a CDL Passenger Endorsement

Learn how you can obtain a CDL

Commercial Driver’s License

A CDL passenger endorsement allows a driver to legally operate a vehicle which has 16 or more persons including the driver. To apply for passenger endorsement in your CDL, you must be a 21 year old driver with a valid driver’s license; your driving record must be clean, you must posses a good moral character and pass a review of criminal record, and you must pass a medical examination which includes vision and physical test as required by the U. S. Department of Transportation. You will also be required to fill up medical forms before taking your road test. If in any case you have a previous 3 year DUI violation, your application would probably be rejected.

There are different type’s of  public passenger endorsements namely; “S”endorsement  it is required before operating a school bus, or vehicles that requires “V”, “A”, or “F” endorsement. Before you can operate a school bus you must also have a “P” endorsement in your CDL. The second type of endorsement is “V”endorsement which is required before operating a student transportation vehicle used to transport student to and from school. It is also required for any vehicle that requires “A” or “F” endorsement. Certified safety training is also important if you want to have this kind of endorsement. The “A“endorsement this is required if you will be operating a school transportation to transport student during special events and activities. But this vehicle must not be transporting students to and from school or any requirement for “F”endorsement. The kind of endorsement required when you are operating a taxi, livery vehicle, service bus motor coach or motor bus is the “F” endorsement.

The types of vehicle that requires a CDL passenger endorsement are the following; activity vehicles for school sponsored events, livery vehicles for hire, motor bus or coach, public services motor vehicles for hire, service buses, student transportation vehicles, school bus, and taxi cab. You cannot driver a passenger service vehicle on highways if you are not equipped with the right and legal certificates necessary. You must first complete all the necessary papers which include a persona health care fit and check ups and P endorsement on your CDL.

When you apply for an application for passenger endorsement, you can either give a certificate to prove that you have already passed the approved course in practical driving test before even booking for course training or you can submit the application without having completed the course and wait for the result of your medical before doing the training or complete an approved course while you wait for your medical.

Your medical certificates should be done according to the regulations of the Department of Transportation. Your eyesight test must show that your vision meets the standard every time you apply for a new class, endorsement or new license. This is also done with the proper assessment of the US Department of Transportation.

It is important to know that to obtain a passenger endorsement on your Commercial Driver’s License; you must pass the CDL written examination and the Passenger Endorsement Examination. If you want more information about the credited driving schools that can provide you training for P endorsement visit

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