Potential Consequences When Caught Drunk Driving In The US

Learn the potential consequences when caught drunk driving

Consequences on Drunk Driving in the US

Drunk driving is nothing to be laughed about. It’s a serious situation where countries like the United States have imposed strict laws to prevent drunk driving. Several Driving School institutes and academies have made it a point that driving is bad, dangerous and can even cause death. There is nothing wrong in enjoying a couple of drinks especially if it helps you unwind or if it’s a cause for celebration. In fact, doctors would recommend having a glass of wine per day. The problem starts when you get drunk and lose control. What makes it worse is you would even consider going behind the wheel and drive the car recklessly and without care. This is not what Driving education classes taught you.

So what does drinking do to your driving? A lot actually and they are not good. All the things you learned from Driving School are thrown away as you become very reckless since your perception abilities are affected. What would happen is that when you’re driving while under the influence of alcohol, you would disobey traffic rules, have very minimal control on your reactions during traffic situations, longer and sluggish reaction to traffic situations, difficulty in driving in a straight line and have a tendency to be overconfident and most likely would put yourself and everyone else in danger. At the very start of every Driving education classes, instructors would even show the students several scenes and films of horrendous accidents caused by drunk driving. Some Driving School companies would even invite drivers who have miraculously survived a drunk driving accident to give a talk to the students on the dangers and possible outcomes if you insist of getting behind the wheel after consuming lots of alcohol.

One of the questions students of Driving School would often ask would be what are the consequences if someone gets caught driving while being intoxicated. According to most Driving education manuals, here are some things you can expect when caught for driving and drinking especially in the United States. First, a criminal record would appear on your driving profile. You would also be banned from driving for at least a year and a minimum of three years for those who have previous convictions of drunk driving for the past ten years. There is also a possibility that you might be forced to re enroll at a Driving School where you would need to pass a special examination for drunk drivers in order to get your license back. There is also a possibility of a prison sentence up to six months depending on the severity of the case. Those who wish to avoid prison may receive a community order instead which include unpaid work, curfew, supervision, treatment orders and additional Driving education. And lastly, a fine would be imposed with the amount depending on the seriousness of the case or the location where you got caught. Other consequences from drunk driving would include the possibility of losing your job, changed lifestyle and an increase in the motor car insurance premiums. www.wannadrive.com

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