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Traffic schools are designed to aid individuals who fail to realize and follow traffic rules and regulations of the state to develop the discipline and knowledge on safe driving. The philosophy behind the online driver’s education of the traffic school lies on the definition of learning through application. The person will only apply what he or she has learned. Ignorance may mean gross negligence and violation of the laws of the state.

Of course, as the traffic tickets are accumulated within the driving history, the state reserves the right to suspend your driving privilege. During this stage, the state may send a copy of request to appear before them for the elimination of the traffic tickets and the lifting of the suspension. The suspension order requires drivers to attend the traffic school course. After the completion of the same, the driving school or you may bring the certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicle for the recording to your traffic record.

The traffic school and the defensive driving school may have some similarities in form, but in substance, there is a big difference. Mainly, the traffic school is designed to help those who already have assessed driving points with the suspension of the driving privilege. On the hand, the defensive driving school is for those who want to eliminate the traffic record or reduce the penalties or fines associated with the violation.

The DMV reserves the right to suspend the driver’s license with the consideration of the following the violations:

  • DUI – If you are a constant DUI offender, you may find yourself in the losing end. For extreme DUI, constituting injuries or damages of the property, the DMV may suspend the driver’s license indefinitely, until you have finished the online driver’s education of the traffic school.


In some case, the court may already intervene in major cases. It would be the court that will advise you to attend the online driver’s education of the traffic school. Any disregard of the order may mean absolute revocation of the license.


  • Red Traffic Violation. As already said, it is preferable to attend the defensive driving education for the elimination of the traffic ticket. In cases that you just pay the fines and penalties of the traffic ticket, you may be required by the DMV to attend the online driver’s education for the traffic school. The traffic school is a requirement for learning – and not for the elimination of the traffic ticket.


  • Aggressive Driving – The worst of the road is an aggressive driver. The state may temporarily revoke the driver’s license in your first offence. To regain the driving privilege, the state may require you to attend the online driver’s education from the traffic school.


  • Serious Injury & Death – If you have been in a serious accident with the considerable injury to other people, or even death, the state revokes the driver’s license. You will be required to attend the driving school to gain knowledge about safe driving before you will be allowed to drive again.
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