On the second page of my learner’s permit there is a place for a signature. Who is supposed to sign it?

Learn how to obtain a learner's permit in the US.

Learner's Permit in Driving

An individual who wishes to drive legally must obtain a learner’s permit at the Department of Motor Vehicles prior to receiving a driver’s license. Sometimes the necessary requirements needed to obtain a learner’s permit may vary in every state but mostly the guidelines are similar. Your driving school instructor can help you for your preparation in taking the test.

Try to visit your local DMV office and ask for a copy of the requirements for a learner’s permit application. You can also check if this information is available online and search for a specific site that provides a specific state’s permit regulations. You must also look for the age guidelines which is mostly 15 1 /2 to 18 years old. A driving school training or driving instruction program must be completed by any person who wants to have a learner’s permit. There are states that will not require you to have a formal education for as long as you are accompanied by an adult every time you go for a ride.

You will be required to fill up a form in the DMV office. If you are a minor the guardian will usually sign the second page of your permit and they will be responsible to administer 50 hours of practice in which 10 hours must be done late after sunset. In some states if parents will not be available to give the required practice, a driving school instructor hired by the guardian is permitted to do the task instead. You will also pay for permit and must present other credentials that will prove your age and identity. A vision test is also a requirement along with a written examination to get your learner’s permit. If it happens that you have failed in the test, your state will set a time for you to take the test again.

Usually after passing the learner’s permit test you will be able to drive a car under an adult supervision. You may also be subject to certain restrictions and conditions. Your driving school had taught you that a learner must have a zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) while driving and must carry with him the learner’s permit at all times. Student learners must not drive a vehicle which is issued with an Unregistered Vehicle Permit and must not use a mobile phone and any messaging device while driving.

The experienced driver or the driving school instructor who will be seated beside you during your supervised training after obtaining a learner’s permit must be an authorized person to drive a moving vehicle. He must also carry with him all the time his valid driver’s license while supervising the learner. If you have further concerns about driving you can ask your mentor to clarify things that confuse you. Your driving school instructor will be most helpful and can give you more information on how to pass your driving license skill test which will follow after completing the required supervised training by your state.

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