My driving privileged has been suspended since I refused to submit my urine test, how could I reinstate my driving privileged?

Learn How You Can Reinstate Your Driving Privilege

Driving Privileged

Being arrested of DUI will cause you to pay significant amount aside from the fact that you are required to submit chemical test like urine test, breath test and blood test depending on the penalty that they will be given you. If you allegedly refuse to submit what they have required you are subject to a greater punishment like mandatory imprisonment and year of suspension of your driver’s license. Take for example the California DUI law just like any other states California also has an “implied consent”. The law states that when a person drives in California but had been arrested for DUI you are required to submit your blood, breath or urine test. Through this the government will figure out if you have drug content in your body after they have been arrested you legally. Driving school, if you have taken any driving course will discuss this to you together with the other laws by the state wherein you are residing. On the web, you can visit which provides you with the names of schools where you can enroll at if you are planning to get a course. The main reason why has lots of affiliated schools and you still need to choose the suitable one for you is that different states have different rules and different penalties in accordance to the violation of the driver.

What are the penalties if you refuse to comply with their requirements? Good question! If you can’t submit the urine test for an instance, they will suspend you driver’s license automatically. Then once you are arrested, you can request the DMV for a hearing about the suspension and by doing it they will postpone the suspension of your driver’s license. The pending of suspension is subject to court hearing. Just to prepare yourself, there are four questions that you need to answer.

1. Do you think that the officer who arrested you has enough reason to judge you of DUI? 2. Did the officers lawfully arrest you? 3. Did the officers appropriately told you about your license? Did he advised you that your license will be suspended for about a year or will be extended to two-three years if you refuse or fail to submit the chemical test that they require? 4. Did you deliberately fail to submit or complete the chemical test right after the officer has advised you to do it? If you succeed here, obviously, your license will not be anymore suspended. However, if the result is contrary the court will punish you with: • One year suspension of your driver’s license. This is the penalty for your DUI offense. • Two years revocation of your license for the second DUI violation within ten years or • Three years revocation of license. This is for your third DUI offense violated within 10 years.

You must take note that DMV will do this proper action not considering what actually happens during the proceeding in court.

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