Making U-Turns Without Crashing

Learn what is a U-turn sign.

Making U-Turns in Driving

Making the right turn is an essential driving skill. Every now and then, you will make turns in the middle of the busy road. You don’t have several minutes to make the turn because other cars will surely honk on you. Of course, you cannot learn how to make turns if you don’t know how to start and stop the engine. The moving skill of driving is an important element before you will learn how to make a turn.

With the aid of the driving instructor, learn how to make a turn with the following steps:

  1. Look for the U-turn sign. Under the road rules and signals, you learn what is a U-turn sign. You are not allowed to make a turn if there is no sign to do it. Always remember that a trooper is just in the corner trying to catch when you make a mistake. If you need to make a turn, wait for the sign. Do not attempt to cross an intersection or road area without the U-turn sign.


  1. Communicate. Upon seeing or approaching a U-turn section, do not do so until you have conveyed your intentions to make the turn. You can use the car lights to communicate your intent to turn; or you may use your hands to do so. Be sure that the car behind you understands the message correctly to avoid crashing.


  1. Scan your Surrounding. Look over to the right side of the road intersection for the blind spot. In any situation, do not turn when you haven’t checked details of the road. Other cars may be heading to your direction or may make the same turn. Observation is a skill to learn from a driving school driving training.


  1. Enter the Right Lane. Be sure to cross the right lane to avoid crashing on other approaching cars.


  1. Engage the Gear. Before you make the turn, be sure to have decelerated already. You are not advised to decelerate or step on the brake while turning. It will stall the car movement. Learn how to wait for the biting point before you change gear.


  1. Position. Do not just turn on the corner. Be sure you are in the right position with enough clearance from the junction. It will save you from crashing on the junction. Proper clearance before turning is an important skill that will help you make the turn without hitting the road blocks.


  1. Look out. If there are other cars that are also turning, give way. Do not just attempt to make a turn without looking at other cars. It is very important to stay safe with the right observation of other car movements.


  1. Divider consideration. In making the turn, consider the divider. For a divider that is wide, you may make a turn at the innermost section. While for narrow divider, it is essential to make the turn in the middle part of the section.
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