Limited Driving Privileges for Teenagers

Learn the driving privileges for teenagers

Driving Privileges for Teenagers

There are 8 out of 10 teenagers who start driving in both car and motor vehicle at a very young age. Statistics show that teenagers as early as 15 years old are already driving with or without driver’s license. Almost all teenagers have a bursting desire to drive and most of them have to suffer accidents to learn that driving is not just for fun. Many teenagers are already driving without enrolling to any driving school that commonly leads to vehicular accidents.

Every day you got to see the news on televisions about car and motor crashes related to teenagers aging from 15 – 20 years old. These age ranges are at high risk of vehicular accidents because of over speeding, driving with the influence of alcohol or drugs, failing to recognize road signs and overtaking with other vehicles that may lead to death or disabilities. Driving school are encouraging parents to let their sons and daughters enroll to formal driving education before giving them expensive gifts like cars or motorbikes. Many parents would think about driving lessons as just another expense but driving lessons are proven effective tool to prevent cases of vehicular accident engaging with teenagers.

Teenager drivers are at high risk of vehicular accidents because they have no idea of the hazard situation along the road. Teenager drivers often neglect in enrolling into driving school for driving lessons. Traffic law enforcers in every city must imposed driving limitation to teenager drivers. Teenager’s driving privileges must be limited to keep them safer while driving or if possible teenager driving must have curfew hours. Teenagers must only drive not later than 10 pm in order to reduce vehicular accident risk. 10 pm would be the perfect time to restrict teenagers from driving in any kinds of vehicle whether car or motorbikes. Formal driving education for teenager drivers must be imposed as well to educate teenagers about driving rules this might help to reduce vehicular accident in the future. Driving limitation will be an advantage to let teenagers go home not later than 10pm especially if they have their own car.  Issuing driver’s license to teenagers must also have restrictions they must enroll and complete driving education first from a known driving school before releasing any permits to drive. Although attending driving lessons might not an assurance to keep teenagers from accidents but at least they will be knowledgeable enough on what to do and what not to do while driving.

There are many teenagers who are involved to vehicular accidents after going to parties and events and most of these accidents are result of drunk driving. If teenagers will be restricted to drive after 10 pm parents must also take part of these rules to accomplish positive result. Parents must seek professional help for their children to complete driving education. If possible let your children know that you are ready whenever they need a ride home to ensure their safety after curfew hours. Traffic law enforcement agencies must be very strict in imposing driving limitations to teenagers in order to reduce the risk of vehicular accident.

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