Knowing the risks and dangers when driving during the night

Learn the risks and dangers when driving during the night

Driving During the Night

There are several risks involved when you drive during nighttime. While others prefer driving night since there is very little traffic, more distance travelled because the engine heats less and signaling using headlights are preferred than honking, the dangers definitely far outweighs its advantages. It is very rare that a Driving School instructor would recommend to practice driving at night since there is less traffic on the streets. The bottom line is, nighttime driving not only lessens the vision capacity of the drive, but also the distance and speed perception goes down as well making it very hard to react to road situations. Although a lot of Driving education schools have given tips on how to drive safely at night, here are some things to consider to become fully aware of how driving at night can be really dangerous especially if you are still taking Driving School lessons.

Here’s an alarming statistic that is usually told at Driving education schools: road accidents would happen three times more during the night than during the day. Obviously, the main reason is that the vision of the driver becomes impaired especially at roads where street lamps are few and that a feeling of complete darkness envelopes you and your car. No matter how you apply all the defensive driving techniques you have learned during Driving School, nothing can prepare you darkness seriously restricts your capacity to see. Driving education classes emphasize the use of headlights while driving at night but the tangential vision is not as clear during the daytime.

Back when you were learning how to drive at a Driving School, the lessons would be taught in the morning since the body generally works best if there is sunlight. When you drive at night, there is a tendency for the body to become very tired and fatigued even if after a full rest. What happens here is that the body system turns off during the night. Even if you know everything that you have learned during your Driving education lectures, the body would not respond as what you want if it recognizes that it is time to rest or sleep.

Driving school has taught not to drink while driving especially at night where becoming prone to dangers and accidents increase three times. Alcohol hampers proper brain movement which is an essential trait when it comes to driving a car. Sadly, a lot of people still prefer driving even when intoxicated with alcohol. Despite teachings from Driving education lectures and laws passed to prevent drunk-driving, a number of people have suffered from accidents related to drunk driving which usually happens at night.

Of course, there are times when driving at night becomes a requirement like going home from work or leaving the house really early for a short trip to avoid traffic. One tip found at every Driving school manual would be to always maintain a low speed while driving during nighttimes. Also, make sure you have a working and dependable headlights which is very much your ally against the dangers of night driving learned from Driving education lectures.

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