I’ve been ordered by the Motor Vehicle Division to attend a “Traffic Survival School” or my license will be suspended. Is this the same as a defensive driving class?

How to avoid adverse traffic situations

Traffic Survival School

The traffic survival school was created to modify the behaviour of the driver who is subject for traffic violations risking themselves and other commuters on the road. The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has made it mandatory. Around 75 of these schools around the state are certified by MVD. They have professional driving instructors certified to teach a curriculum. The school’s aim is to educate drivers on how to avoid adverse traffic situations, point out there responsibilities while driving, to strengthen their awareness on motor vehicle rules and regulations, and the most important of all is to improve their attitude towards safe driving.

Traffic survival school is different from defensive driving school. Defensive driving school is a course mandatory for driver’s who have accumulated 8 or more points on their driving record which is administered by court. It is designed for those individuals who violate traffic rules put others in jeopardy. Drivers are guided for their poor technique in operating their vehicle and impart more knowledge to them about motor vehicle laws. Their poor driving traits will allow the court to frequently issue them an order to attend the course to change their driving habits.

The school targets teens that are required to attend regularly because attendance is a must. This is also for those drivers who have accumulated enough points to their driving record and are in danger of losing their license. The school’s goal is make the driver safe on the road not only for himself but to other people who are also using the road.

If you are looking for a way to dismiss your ticket and avoid points, you must go to a defensive driving school. However, if you have already been to court and the court had issued a jurisdiction for you to attend a traffic survival school so this is the right class for you.

There are several situations that will allow the DMV to make an order for you to attend a traffic survival school; first if you receive a serious DUI violation, if you made a red light violation and instead of going to a defensive driving school you settle it with payments, therefore the DMV will require you to attend the TSS. You must remember that your attendance will not reduce your points. If you made an aggressive driving violation, you will be required to attend the TSS on your fist attempt and your license will be suspended for 30 days. If you reach 8-12 points in your license and this is within1year of first offence and if you were involved in an accident with serious injury or death you will be required to attend the TSS. And also for a drivers first convection who has a Graduated Drivers License (class G) and when he receives a ticket out of state that state requires him to attend traffic survival school. Traffic survival school is administered by the Motor Vehicle Division for approximately 8 hours long.

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