Is it possible to get a traffic ticket in a parking lot?

Learn how to avoid getting a traffic ticket from a parking lot.

Traffic Ticket

There are people who believe that they can be ticketed in a parking lot especially when such space is privately owned. Every state identifies their own regulations and laws on cases that moving automobiles can be cited; however, there can be tough and quick rules that are applicable to both privately-owned and publicly-owned parking lots. First, you will definitely be given parking tickets, though some individuals consider these different from traffic tickets. In fact, you can have your car towed if you happen to illegally park or in areas that are meant for disabled people when you do not possess the right tags. If you previously attended a driving school, you surely have learned proper parking to avoid unwanted incidents.

Second, you can nearly get a traffic ticket while in a parking lot and have citations for other crimes like driving while intoxicated or under influence. It is also likely that you will be issued a traffic ticket in the same space if you happen to hit another vehicle and attempt to escape. This is obviously a hit and run situation and a violation of a traffic law. Such law was taught by your driving school along with other laws of the road.

Often, you will not be given a traffic ticket in a parking lot when you do not signal as you turn or ignore a stop sign. It is not likely for highway patrol officers to be staying in parking lots and wait for people who will have moving violations. Meanwhile, it can truly be intense in a parking lot and you have to carefully drive to avoid hitting other vehicles and people. It is also important to follow stop signs, signal a turn so you will not be hit by someone else. Even if there might be no such laws in your state that have to do with parking lot situations, it is reasonable to secure yourself and others by following the laws the private lot set. Your driving school exposed you to both easy and difficult parking maneuvers such as parallel parking or reverse parking so this gives you the capability to safely park your vehicle in that space.

There are states; however, that specify safe driving practices on private parking lots. The state of Virginia for example enforced a state code that relates to not permitting “reckless driving” on any driveway or spaces owned by a school, church, business or a recreational facility that is open to the public. Reckless driving in this state is also not allowed in spaces of industrial establishments that offer parking space for patrons, customers or employees. This specification clears up the idea that driving that risks others will tend to you give you a ticket in a parking lot.

There can be parking lots that are not privately-owned. If you have a moving violation in a parking lot that is publicly-owned like a public school or in a building that is owned by the state, these can be regarded as moving violations that happen on public roads. In whatever case, whether there is a law for this or not in your state, this tells you the need to drive safely even on parking lots. Wherever you wish to drive, observing the laws of the road will be helpful to prevent the potential of getting a traffic ticket. It also makes sense to refresh yourself of the laws that you learned previously from the driving school you attended in.

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