Is it necessary to service a vehicle as per the maintenance schedule?

Learn the scheduled maintenance of your vehicle.

Car Maintenance

An automobile is a machine with a complex independent system that requires a scheduled maintenance to perform well. A tune up is a regular service for a vehicle which is usually done once in a year to help maintain the performance and extend the life of a car. During your training in a driving school that the time to tune-up a vehicle may vary according to the type of the vehicle you are driving, the age and the way you are driving. Having a scheduled time for a tune up is a good way to save time, money and effort.

Car manufacturers would normally set up a maintenance service for your car in the owner’s manual of a vehicle. It is necessary to service your car every scheduled time to make a replacement of some parts of your vehicle. Failure to replace them regularly can reduce the performance of the car and may lead into another problem. You can ask your driving school instructor to teach you some of the important parts of the car that needs replacement. One of these is the air filter which maintains the good air so that the car can run properly. If this is forgotten and will not be replaced there will be less air that will provide the air for its performance. If it is left unattended the fuel will be more and less air in the mixture affecting the other parts of the vehicle.

Sometimes a car may need a tune up more often than what is indicated in the owner’s manual of your car. The spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, PCV valve, oxygen sensor, spark plug wires and fuel filter are some of the components of a car that requires replacement. There are other car services that may not include in the scheduled tune-up. If you have little knowledge about maintaining a vehicle’s engine performance you may ask a driving school instructor that you may know or consult a mechanic to check your car.

The latest automobiles may not require a more often maintenance because it has an electronic ignition and fuel ignition. On the other hand older cars may need more attention for much of these vehicles are using mechanical ignition systems and carburetors which needs frequent checkups than those modern types. It normally uses an ignition with condenser and points that wears off quickly which might cause the spark plugs to erode. A driving school can teach the student some of the maintenance service of a vehicle as part of their preparation before setting up for a behind the wheel practice. You will know that the points are damaged when the engine hesitates to accelerate and you find it difficult to start the engine. It is usually necessary to check it every four thousand miles you have travelled and especially when you do a lot stop and go when you are traveling. Your driving school has taught you that it is also important to know how to listen to your car’s engine. Looking up for signs that may indicate that a car needs service will help you save money by the time needs a mechanic for a tune-up.

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