Important Tips for Handicapped Drivers

Learn tips on how handicapped drivers can drive safely.

Handicapped Drivers

People with disabilities can still have driving privileges with few modifications and prior precautions. There are three important things to consider if you want to drive a vehicle. First you must modify your car into a handicapped modified vehicle so that you can acquire a restricted license. There is various kind accessories available that will help modify your vehicle and make it safer for you to drive. It might be necessary for you to enroll in a driving school with a special driving instructor who will teach you with the controls of the modified vehicle.

It is also necessary to purchase an insurance policy. This may sometimes becomes a hassle as the process will take long. Always be honest to your insurance agent. There are times that they will be asking you about your disability so that they can give proper assistance for your safety. Every insurance company wants to know the driving record of a particular person but if you are disabled they want to know every detail about your incident. If for instance you only have to use your one arm to drive, you will not have a problem in getting a car insurance quote. If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, you must be able to show proof that you are under medication.

A handicapped driver must also take a driver’s education course in a driving school to acquire specific discounts on insurance premiums as well as driving instruction which is necessary to operate a vehicle with confidence. You may contact your local driving school and ask about the availability of driving education classes for handicaps. In the school the professionals who have a wide range of experience with people who drive in the same condition will be there to assist you. This is very useful for those who have not drive for a longer time.

Prior to enrolling in a driving school, a handicapped individual, must undergo an evaluation which must be done by the physical or rehabilitation therapist to determine what teachings and vehicle adjustments must be made. There are many driving schools who specialized in adapted driving lessons may have their own physical therapist who will evaluate the disabled driver. A driving school can make many vehicle adaptations to make it possible for disabled persons to drive safely. These may include installing a wheelchair ramp and purchasing an adapted vehicle with a hand controls instead of foot pedal controls. The training involved may vary according to the disability of the student. Your driving school instructor will offer you lessons that suits your needs. You may be able to receive a private lesson or you may learn with other students with the same disability. The lessons will teach more not only about the driving laws but also on how to getting in your vehicle without assistance. The driving test written examination will depend on your disability. If it prevents you from using your hand you will be given an oral examination instead. You will be required to take a driving practical test using an adapted vehicle to get your driver’s license.

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