Importance of Knowing Vehicle Dynamics to Stay Safe in the Road

Learn the basic online driver’s education course exposes.

Stay Safe in the Road

Safety driving necessitates proper understanding of the cockpit. The online driver’s education shows you the vehicle dynamics to educate you with the components of the car. To understand how a car works, understand how each component works.

The basic online driver’s education course exposes you to the following main controls of the car:

  • Foot Controls.  The foot controls have three basic parts that constitute the maneuvering of the car. A new driver, through the online driver’s education, can easily distinguish the different parts of the car, including brake, accelerator, and clutch.


The right foot controls the pedal of the accelerator. The accelerator is responsible for the flow of the fuel to the engine. In this respect, if the accelerated pedal is pressed hard, the fuel flow is heavy resulting to the speeding of the car. The opposite action of releasing the pedal results to slow down of the car speed which stops the car.


In the same manner, the right foot also controls the brake of the car. When the driver presses on the brake pedal, the brake pads are depressed to the metal discs of the brakes causing contraction with the wheel of the car, causing the necessary stop. The online driver’s education teaches the driver about the right timing of pressing the brake pedal to get the desired slow down or stop.


The third part of the foot controls is the clutch. With the left foot, the driver can change the gear used by the car depending on the situation of the road. The clutch is used to stop the car without stalling the engine, which causes trembling and shakings to the car body.


  • Hand Controls. In the same manner, you also learned how to use the hand controls of the car properly for safety driving.  The hand controls of the car include the gear lever, the parking brake, the steering wheel, and the ancillary components of the car.


Together with the foot clutch pedal, the gear lever must be opened for the biting point to change the gear of the car. There are five gears that can be used by the driver with a single reverse gear. As much as the clutch pedal and the gear lever can be used in accelerating the car, it can also be used for stopping.


The parking brake or the handbrake of the car is used to secure the position of the car once it has parked. The back wheels of the car are stopped with the handbrake to avoid any movement. On the other hand, the steering wheel is used to maneuver the car in the right direction. The driver must give due diligence to the control of the steering wheel; in the online driver’s education, one will be able to learn how to steer the car without crashing.


Lastly, part of the control is the ancillary controls. Ancillary buttons control the car ventilation, music, cup holder, and other peripheral parts.

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