I have over 15 years of motorcycle driving but I never drove a car before, should I consider taking lessons?

Learn How To Drive A Car

Motorcycle Driving

Yes, obviously since driving a car compared to driving a motorcycle is far more different. The license of motorcycle is different compared to a car. Some people would say that driving a car is safer than to a motorcycle but the latter one is more convenient than the previous one. Whether you prefer the motorcycle than with a car or vise versa they still serve the similar purpose of taking people from one place to another. Fifteen (15) years of driving a motorcycle still won’t be enough for you to consider as expert car driver since they are two different types of transportation. So, if you want to learn how to drive a car, you must go to a driving school, driving institutions has two methods. It’s either you prefer the traditional one or the latest one. Just like motorcycle and car, these two methods of teachings will serve you the same purpose but the other one is more convenient.


More aspiring drivers today are into the latest method of learning and that is through online driving education. Why? This is because it brings a lot of comfort and convenience. Since you will study online, you need to have just your computer and your internet connection then once you have them, you can now study whenever and wherever you wish to. Driving school has come up with the comparison with motorcycle and a car. Through this, you will know what differences between these two vehicles are.


In terms of fuel, motorcycle is 50% better compared to traditional cars. So, when talking about savings, the motorcycle has a superior gas mileage. While on the other hand, if talking about safety measures then surely, you would like to consider riding a car. Especially that today’s cars have features that are amazing and make you really safe. Just take for example about safety belts. Cars do have while motorcycle don’t have and though motorcycles have helmet but still riding motorcycle is more risky than with a car. In addition, cars have sturdy frames which can protect its passengers while motorcycle does not have.



If talking about enjoyment then motorcycle is capable of providing you the kind of fun and adventure you can never feel when riding a car. Many are in favor with motorcycle because they can experience the freedom when riding this kind of vehicle rather than with a car. But considering weather conditions, car is absolutely better. Whatever choice you will make, the important here is that you know how to control yourself and how you will manage your vehicle. Driving school can be of great help to whatever type of vehicle you have chosen. Now you know that your knowledge on motorcycle is not applicable with a car though the rules and regulations imposed by the government like over speeding, DUI and many others are still applicable as of with the car or any other types of vehicles you are driving.


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