How to deal with highway hypnosis

What is Highway Hypnosis?

Learn how to deal with highway hypnosis when driving.

Highway hypnosis is the event when a driver is stressed and is experiencing the so called white line fever which is a dangerous condition where drivers are hypnotized as he makes the effort of staying on the lane while staring at the white lines on the road. There are many law enforcement authorities are beginning to treat this case the same way as drunk driving. If you have enrolled in a driving school they will be teaching you how to deal with the situation while driving. If a driver will force himself to drive despite of being overly tired, he is more likely to suffer highway hypnosis and will have less visibility on signs such as railroad crossing signals, warning signs, traffic lights and stop signs.

This condition usually occurs at night when the headlights illuminate the lines and as the driver begins to feel tired his reflexes tends to become slower and he will try to focus on those lines to avoid crossing into the wrong lane. As he keeps focusing on the flashing lines on the road, he will begin to experience highway hypnosis. In a driving school your instructor may discuss little information regarding this condition to warn drivers the possible outcome of driving tired. A driver who has this condition may begin to feel like a drunken person and would even reach a destination without remembering how he got there.

Many trucking companies had express their great concern for their drivers and have improved their trucks by installing a global positioning system. This will enable a company representative to track the driver’s rest breaks, daily miles traveled and meal breaks. This will also report any erratic driving actions even skilled drivers of a driving school that includes going fast to slow speed which is a common symptom for a driver experiencing highway hypnosis.

If you start to feel sleepy you try to provide a cool but comfortable temperature in your car. Keep your eyes active by constantly checking your gas gauge, mirror or speedometer. Avoid staring at something for longer periods of time. If you can’t fight your drowsiness you may pull over on a safe side of the road and take a rest. During your training in a driving school, you are taught about the dangerous that highway hypnosis may pose to the driver, passengers as well as the road users. You can also drop by store and take an energy drink to shake off your sleepiness. If you felt so weary, finds a place to nap and wash your face to bring back your enthusiasm.

There are many reported tips to the police about drivers who show a drunk driver mannerism when driving but the result of the investigation was that he was not really intoxicated but was tired and sleepy. Most drivers who work after having a sleepless nights or just got home from a long travel can create a highway with too many occasionally hypnotized drivers but if you are safe driver from a driving school you must understand that the school have taught you never to drive when tired and weary.

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