How to Brake Properly

Learn How To Brake Properly

Brake Properly

A driving school teaches the right braking techniques and skills; however, braking has been eclipsed by other skills of the person. In fact, a driver would not give much diligence to the ability of braking. But braking has an important role to the safety of the person whole off the road. Without such ability to brake, it is also impossible for a person to stay safe on the road.

The following situations of proper brake, as duly described by the driving school, can greatly help you to stay safe while on the road:

  1. Brake smoothly. If passengers are riding with you, it would a big commotion when you step the brake instantly; they would instantly grab the seats to avoid throwing up. Yes, you can apply the brake rapidly, but keep the smoothness of the braking even if you are doing it with great reaction. To stop the car, it takes only a simple and small amount of traction for the wheels to stop.


For instance, if the car travels very fast speed, to possibly brake and stop the care, the necessary depression of the brake pedal would also be great. However, if you forcibly and instantly apply brake, the car would lose its maximal stability.


  1. Avoid braking and turning simultaneously. The driving school has been to rectify the problem of braking and turning at the same time. When you apply the brake, it is impossible to make the necessary turn. Even in racing, racers would apply the brake first before turning because applying the brake would cause traction to the wheels making it impossible to a smooth turn.


As much as you want, you will learn from the driving school on how to apply half braking as you are turning. However, it is always necessary to brake first before making the turning without releasing the brake.


  1. Focus. Another problem that a driving school addresses is the inability of the person to take focus. It is necessary to apply brakes but be sure to keep the focus on where you want to go. The surrounding takes second priority to your focus, but it should not be left out by the person in driving.


  1. Don’t use the quick transmission. The driving school rectifies the thought of other drivers who think that the transmission is designed to stop the car. However, the transmission is designed to add the ability of the car to accelerate. It would be impossible for you to make a smooth stop while just using quick transmission.


As much as you keep other aspects of driving as fully discussed in the driving school, you should not forget to make practices. Only practices can make a person a better and good driver; other than that, it would be impossible for a person to make the right decision in the road.

To practice braking, you can put some markers in an empty parking lot – and try to apply the brake as you park properly. The driving school has this type of practices embedded in their driving training.

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