How long would it normally take for a driving course to complete?

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Driving Education

One of the questions being asked when enrolling at a Driving School would be how long does it take to finish a Driving education school? The amount of time to finish a driving course would depend on the course provider and the type of class one is enrolling at. A typical driver’s education course would usually last around 5 weeks. The class would usually meet once or twice a week and the whole session would last for a minimum of 2 hours. If you are concerned about finding the time to complete Driving School, then you would need to check the syllabus carefully before you eventually decide to enroll.

There are actually three types of enrollment for a Driving education school. The first would be the more common Driving School class where students earn their first driver’s license by attending at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and at least 6 hours of actual driving time accompanied by a certified Driving education instructor.

The other type of Driving School would be the defensive driving class which is usually attended by those who were caught breaking certain traffic violations. Depending on their offense, some have their license confiscated while others have to pay fines or have community work when found guilty of breaking the law. Others would prefer going through a Driving education lecture instead, which on an average would last at least four and a half hours per session.

Then last type would be through an online Driving School. It’s usually enrolled by anyone, student or long-time drivers. Aside from learning several topics about Driving education, online classes can also lower your car insurance rates or remove points from your driving record because of traffic or speeding tickets. Online classes are fairly short. The best thing is, how long you wish to complete to complete it would depend on the number of times you login. Completion of this type of Driving School class would depend on the accumulated results of the tests taken after each discussion.

As mentioned, Driving education schools can last even more than 5 weeks. If you are in a rush and would need to learn driving immediately, then there are ways to shorten the timeframe for just a week for you to learn how to drive. You can actually ask a friend or relative to teach you the basics of driving and even accompany you during the actual driving. But if you still want to attend Driving School, then make sure you find a good one. Work the yellow pages or go online to search for good ones. Pick at least two and check their rates and inclusions before signing up on one of them. You can even ask if there are Driving education courses that would require a shorter amount of time to finish or if there are options for more classroom hours in one session. Be prepared to spend a little more amount, though, as some express classes do charge higher than the regular course.

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