Facts About Teenage Drunk Driving

Facts About Teenage Drunk Driving

Teenage Drunk Driving

Alcohol has been the leading cause of fatal accidents on the road. Statistics show that these accidents mostly involve teenagers. Even if your child don’t drink, in the later years being around with friends who are drunk drivers and in a place where he is trying to fit in, he will become one of them. The involvement of adults in drunk driving has also influenced some teenagers.  So parents must be the role model of their children. Since the only way to fight against more influences is to educate him, you can either send him to a driving school where he could take advance courses or learn about the laws that govern alcohol or you can teach your child on your own through a warm approach about the topic.

Every parent and teen relationship is different. In most cases it is very important that a teenager can trust his parents when it comes to alcohol. Sometimes, when your child attends a party where alcohol is involved probably he would be calling you as parents to drive him home. But many teens are too scared to call a parent and risk themselves driving drunk or drive along with a friend who is drunk. In a driving school, teenage drivers are taught how to become a safe driver. It is very important that your child has undergone the driving education to give him knowledge about the dangers of drunk driving. This is also one way to make him more educated and gain new driving techniques which will help to become a good driver.

You don’t really have to sit down and educate your children about drunk driving. You will not have much time to do that and the subject can be very sensitive and might show a different reaction from your teen. Just bring the topic from time to time in your conversation and site a few examples of some people who went to prison because of alcohol. Sending your children who wish to drive in a driving school will also help them to have more knowledge on the dangers of alcohol when driving. This is also one way to increase the trust between you and your child.

If you think you cannot control your own child, try hiring a private driving instructor from a driving school who can accompany him for some hours of practice on the road while educating him about driving when drunk. The instructor will also help your teenager build confidence and improve new skills in driving. You must also chose the best instructor in a credited driving school to make sure your child will be getting the best driving education he requires. Be sure the instructor can offer your child more patience in case misunderstanding will occur. We all have individual differences so these things cannot be avoided. The instructor must know how to build trust with your child so later he will be able to open up things to him. But if your teen’s drunk driving habits is in worst situations, you may consult an experienced counselor before your teen gets involved in unlawful situations.

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