Driving with Harmful Distractions

Learn How To Avoid Driving Distractions

Distracted Driving

Have you seen a car swerving in the road? Well, you have figured it out. Maybe the driver is drunk or has a burger in his hand. Exactly! Driving distractions are common reasons of accidents in the road. When you asked a person who has been convicted of manslaughter due to reckless driving, he would tell you that he was distracted by something while behind the wheel. This is a problem that has caused injuries and death.

To keep yourself safe and protected against harm of the road, here are some of the distractions you have to take care. The driving school focuses on eliminating the following distractions:

  1. Cellular Phones. At the moment, there is a law that reinforces the need of eliminating cellular phone distraction – the hands free and texting law. This statute covers the prohibition of using cellular phones, ether for texting or calling, which may distract the driving skills of a person.


Take a simple driving school example. When you are texting someone in the middle of the road, your mind focus is directed from the road to your phone. In the same manner, your hand fails to steer the wheel when necessary due to the divided attention of your mind.


  1. Eating or Drinking. Eating or drinking in the middle the road ties your hands on the food or anything which slows down your reaction. As much as you can, drink or eat your foods when you are pulled out of the road. Even if you are in a hurry, it is still good to eat your foods in a table.


  1. Radio/iPod. Do you love listening to music while you are traveling? Actually, you are putting yourself in a perfect adventure leading to accidents. Honking is a road communication signal to keep warns for everyone. If you are listening to music while driving, you may not be able to hear the honks from other drivers.


In the same manner, your mind will be focused on the music you are listening. It is very important to keep your focus on the road – and not the music – to make a good reaction at the shortest span.


  1. Reading. Teens are convicted of reading their books or their favorite magazine while holding the steering wheel. Not only them, but also adults who read their newspapers while behind the wheel. Well, the reason is fine. You are too busy to read the daily that you can only make it a sideline task. However, you are putting too much risk to your flight.


  1. Peers. The greatest problem of teen drivers is the peer pressure. In fact, the learner’s permit holder is restricted to have more than two passengers in the car. Why? Because when a young driver feels the intensity of conversation and encouragement of going faster than the posted limit, he or she will surely. Road trips may become a disaster because teens are partying inside the car.


Staying focused on what you are doing is very important. A driving school lesson teaches new drivers to keep the mind and the eye on the road. With the alertness of the mind and body, you can surely go to your destination with safety.

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