Criminal Responsibility of the Driver in the Road

Learn the criminal responsibility of the driver when driving in the road.

Driver's Responsibility on The Road

A driver attends the driving school in the hope of being freed from the problem of the criminal responsibility. Truth be told, even if a person has attended the best driving school in the state, the failure to apply the knowledge of driving is still the determining factor that speaks of the accidents that may happen in the road, curtailing the criminal responsibility of the person.

As far as the evaluation goes, accidents on the road can be summarized into negligence. The negligence to apply the knowledge from the driving school can result to criminal responsibility, which will be expounded in here.

Criminally Negligent Homicide

The basic of the criminal responsibility of the person is dully disclosed in the driving school course. Criminally negligent homicide constitutes homicide due to the negligence of the driver, but without the intentional recklessness, which can be categorized into a murder or manslaughter. In this case, the crime does not level with the criminal homicide of murder and manslaughter, which lessens the severity of the punishment.

To carefully understand criminally negligent homicide, it is necessary to draw the line. Mainly, the crime is designed with gross negligence but without the consciousness of the problem. secondly, the person does not understand and is not aware of the justifiable risks that are accounted for the problem.

Negligent Homicide

On the other hand, negligent homicide happens when the driver understands and has full knowledge of his or her duty to the public. The driving school espouses the knowledge and information of the person concerning the road. In this regard, the driver violates his or her duty to the public through the failure to adhere to the rules and regulations of the road.

Negligent homicide happens when the victim dies with the justification that the recklessness and the latent violation of the driver is the main cause of the person’s death, or can be a retraceable cause of the death. The wrong calculation of action due to defiance of the traffic laws resulting to death constitutes the negligent homicide.

For instance, when a driver drives at a full speed in a busy street – and beats the red light, with the possibility of running over someone else, the driver has a criminal responsibility. Comes to worse, if he runs over another car, which is not moving, he is responsible to the death of the driver. In this, the driver violates to follow the traffic rule of traffic lights.

The Rule

Of course, driving remains a privilege of a person. It must not be violated and hampered, either intentionally or unconsciously, because other drivers and pedestrians are off the road with the possibility of accidents. To this cause, the driving school is designed to inform, educate, and discipline drivers to follow the rules of the road, aiming to reduce the incident of accidents.

However, if the driver fails to acknowledge the rule of the road, accidents may happen with the criminal responsibility that is attached to it.

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