Are Absences Allowed in the Driving Education

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Have you enrolled in the driving education program? Well, enrolling in a driving education course of a  good driving school is a fine choice you have made. The education can help you to make much of your knowledge on how to drive safely and defensively. The first goal of the driving school s\is to help you to learn how to drive safely; the secondary goal is get the most of the driver’s license application; and the third objective is get discount from the insurance policy.

After enrolling in the driving school, being absent from the driving education course schedules is a big NO. You are expected to be present in every scheduled dates and time of the driving education.


State Rule.

As a matter of rule, it is necessary to understand that absences are highly discouraged. Absences will take you out of the classroom and the entire processes of the lessons, subjects, and topics that must be taken into account for you to learn how to drive safely in the road.

An excuse letter is not allowed for the absences that you are making away from the driving school. For every time, you are not in the classroom, you will be required to attend make-up classes to complete the number of hours that you should attend. It is very important to comply with the total requirements of hours in the classroom and behind the wheel.

Following the same perspective, other driver’s license office would ask for the copy of the report card a person has in the driving school. The log of the person’s attendance will show the steadfastness and excitement of the person in learning how to drive safely. In same way, the driver’s office will act on the log of the person.

Driving School Rule.

As a rule of the driving school, your absences will cripple the entire schedule. Instead of you being in the classroom discussion that focuses on the speed limit because you miss something, you have to have some make-up classes. The driving school plans out the schedule that you should follow – and it is very important to stick to the schedule of the driving education to get lessons at the right time.

In the same effect, schedule of the driver training will be made by the driving school. Being absent from the driving training wastes the precious time of the driving instructor and will surely damage the entire schedule of the driving education.

With that, it is very important to note that repeated and successive absences of a person disqualifies or rejects him or her from the entire chance to attend make-up classes. The new driver should attend and start the entire driving education back again.

Personal Rule.

Lastly, it is very important to note that being absent from the driving school will damage your knowledge. Instead of learning the things and lessons everyday, you will miss a part of it – and you will be soon railroading yourself for the make-up classes.

To establish, learning how to drive is a matter of choice. You have a decision to make if you will attend the driving education course of the driving school. It is necessary to make much of the expenses you need to pay by attending all lessons. And that’s a rule.


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